Re-Raising Hell

If you scroll back awhile in my blog, you'll see a whole section of posts about writing Raise Hell. There was a lot of work involved in getting the first two scripts out, but in general, I was happy with what I had written. I think it was pretty good.

I bet you can tell where I'm going from there.

I have about a page and a half full of new notes about how I'm going to do issue one this time. In short, the answer is "better", but we all know that doesn't explain too much. My approach this time is "Okay, I showed ideas before, but did I show them in the most interesting manner?"

For example, and as a reminder of the general idea of the story, Raise Hell is about a high school girl who can pull demons from hell and bring them to earth. In the first issue, we see this about Charlie (the main character) after a failed party.

Sure, there's something there. But is it the best it can be yet? Probably not, so I'm doing it again.

The other aspects of the story are being examined the same. Does she meet the villain in the most interesting way? Is there enough action in the story?

These are the things I'm considering and it means, sadly, that the first drafts of Raise Hell will probably be vastly different from the finished product. I'm sure I'll upload the script here when the first issue is written.

Such is the life of a writer.