Raising Hell: Planning

I've shared with you a little about my idea for an upcoming story. I've decided, too, that like Heartbreak World, I'll end up sharing the first issue online for anyone to read. But for now, I don't have that draft. I don't have that draft because planning what you're going to write is an awful lot harder than doing the actual writing.

And for me at least, it tends to feel a lot worse.

When I'm writing, I can, at the end of the day, tell you how many pages I wrote. I can count them. Add them up. I can see that I'm making real progress. I know, roughly, what feels like a good day's work.

With planning, who knows how much should be done. What's the correct amount of time to stare at a piece of paper until the words blur together on the page?

That's what planning feels like, a lot of the time.

And that's why I spend as much time in planning as I can allow myself. It's clearly my weakness as a writer. I can feel that every time I try to do it.

So I force myself to do it.

It frustrates me with every moment, but that can't keep me from it. It should, in fact, draw me to it.

But now that I've waxed on about that for a while, let's talk about where I am.

Character ideas are planned out. I know, roughly, where the first story arc is headed. I have an outline for the first issue that sometimes I'm happy with, sometimes I want to scrap and start all over.

I guess since we're talking about it, here's a bit about what worries me. In the first issue, not much happens that really places it in this world of a girl who can raise demons. We don't really see that until right at the very end.

I guess I'm worried it won't be interesting enough. That people will lose interest in sticking around for the build-up to the real good stuff.

I want to believe that wouldn't happen, but I know it does. People have to choose where to spend their money and their time. And I don't want to waste anyone's.

So I toil on, re-outlining until it drives me mad. Hoping that you'll like what you see when it's all done.