Raising Hell: Outlining Issue Two

After two drafts of the first issue, I'm back on the task of outlining. Somehow, it actually feels good. I'm doing the outlining a little bit differently this time. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen the photo of the whiteboard I'm using to plan this thing. There's something about the different tactile sensation while doing it that I think sparks a different part of the brain than normal.

It's why I started outlining in an analog way in the first place.

It started with notecards, back when I was writing film format. I would spend hours and days and sometimes weeks filling in my little card table with notecards of each scene.

I got close sometimes, but I'm not sure I ever quite got the feel for it that I wanted. There was a lot about writing films that didn't quite work for the way I wanted to write.

With comics, I've been outlining differently. Previously, I was using yellow legal pads. One page was usually enough to plan a whole issue. Top of the page contained the title and issue number, then down the left I'd put each page number and fill in what I needed to happen on each page.

Starting out, I tried to cram a lot into each page. Giving a script to my friend Daniel and asking him to draw it quickly revealed something - I was asking too much of each page. To fit everything I wanted, each panel would have to be so small that it'd lose all impact.

It was a good lesson to learn, an important one. I owe him for that.

Back on track though, this time I'm outlining all on the white board. Maybe I'll transfer it to my yellow legal pad at some point. I might just take a picture with my phone though.

It was especially gratifying, for some strange reason, when one day I looked at the white board, saw I had half of the issue outlined, and I erased it all and started over. I didn't like what I had and it had never been easy to get rid of what was there and start anew.

I like what I have now. A little more than half of the issue is outlined, so I should be moving on to a script soon.

Like I said, this time, outlining feels good.

Which, of course, feels like a trap.