Raising Hell: Fix or Finish

Last time. I told you I showed the first page of Raise Hell to a few someones. They gave me some feedback, I responded and I moved forward. That was, at the time I told the story, all the information I had on the situation. I thought "Oh wow, I must be getting better at receiving feedback." I think I am, but I didn't realize that it just wasn't affecting me right away.

The next time I sat down to write Raise Hell, I was left with a decision I didn't expect. Fix it or finish it.

Based on the feedback, there are a few pages that I should significantly change. When you're looking at roughly 20 pages of content, a few pages is a fairly high number to have to change.

What I've opted to do, and I have no idea if this is "right" by any definition or not, is finish the thing. Per Anne Lamott's advice. Maybe that means it's right. She's pretty smart.

Here's the debate though. I could be making more work for myself by not fixing it now. It's more to change later.

Like I said, I don't know if what I decided is right. I just know that not deciding, that staring at the document until my eyes cross, isn't going to get me anywhere.

Going somewhere, maybe if it's not the exact right path, is better than standing still. It's movement. It's forward, even if it is also partially sideways.