Raise Hell

Today, I'm going to do something I like. It's a beautiful day and I just had a good run and it's new comic book day and I picked up a salted caramel mocha from Starbucks that I didn't have to pay for because it was one of those free ones you get once you've spent practically all of your money there anyway, so I'm going to do something I want to do. That something is announce my new story idea.

It's another ongoing comic book series, like Heartbreak World (and that's a link, if you haven't checked it out) that I think has some real potential.

I call it Raise Hell.

First off, great title, right? At least in my mind, if I saw a book with that title, I'd flip through it. I'd give it a chance. For example, there's a comic out there right now called "Dead Body Road" and I haven't picked it up, but every time I think about the title, I get a little shiver, because whatever that's selling, I want some.

I hope Raise Hell does the same.

Instead of blathering on about what the idea is and my philosophy behind it like I always seem to do, I'm going to share a few photos of the very initial planning.

The first is from a whiteboard (and yes, I do feel like more of a writer now that I own a whiteboard) where I wrote out the initial idea.


I'm a little proud of the description I have there because I think it has some of the feel that I want the series to have. Playful and fun and from a teenager's perspective.

Next photo is the very first words I put on paper about the idea. It'll be something near the opening narration.


Better wrap this up so I can post it on time, but I hope you like what you see. I hope you want to see more. It should be fun to write about high school and fitting in and what something bad like being able to control demons could say about a person.

Stick around. It's gonna be quite the ride.