Only If You Let Them

Last night, a few friends and I talked a bit about how there's always going to be a reason to be brought down, and I think that fits in perfectly with what we've been talking about here lately.

The one constant in life, it seems, is that there will always be someone who wants something unreasonable from you, or who takes something from you without asking, or who just does something to you that's unpleasant. It may be through no malice whatsoever, but that person is going to be there.

And when they do that thing, whatever that thing is, they're giving you a choice. A choice of how you get to view the world. They framed it for you one way and you can see it their way or look for a different perspective.

This is the part that's so revolutionary for me, I think. That I have another choice. That there is another way. It will never be the easiest way, but it's there if you can find it.

Doesn't it change everything to believe that, even in some of the most frustrating times we experience, we still have a choice? These people who hurt us or bother us or offend us, they tend to leave us feeling powerless to stop it, and frankly, sometimes we can't. Sometimes the situation dictates that we "grin and bear it", as it were.

But if we change the way we think about it, maybe that could be enough. And maybe we'd stop giving other people permission to make us feel bad.