On Motivation

There are so many days that I sit down at my typewriter (I feel fancier if I think of my MacBook Pro as an old-timey writing device that still clack-clack-clacks with every thought that pours from my head) with the idea of writing something profound and meaningful that will reach an awful lot of people only to come to the conclusion that I have nothing to say at this particular point in time. Today just happens to be one of those days. I pulled up the "Add New Post" page with such power and confidence, ready to attack it with a stinging expose on ... something. Anything, really. I, of course, seem to have a little less than that to offer.

So instead of convicting or accusing or something along those popular and controversial lines, I'm going to write about what a day of writing looks like for me. We'll start with the night before, since that's when I've gotta start readying myself for the new day.

Midnight-ish: "I'm going to wake up in the morning and write right away, before I do anything else, so I can get something done."

8:30 am: "Ugh, why do I always wake up so early when I never set an alarm? Time to get some breakfast, and yeah, I'll watch a little TV, but that's just because I'm eating. I can't write while I'm eating. Greasy fingers. As soon as I'm done eating, to the proverbial drawing board!"

9:30 am: "Oh, man. I got distracted. Well, I'd better get writing. ... Just as soon as I finish these dishes. Can't leave them sitting in the sink all day."

9:45 am: "There. Dishes done. But wait, the kitchen counter's messy. And so is my dining room table. And the floor of my living room. Better find something to tuck all of this junk under so I don't look like a slob."

10:30 am: "If I don't exercise now, it's going to get too hot outside and I won't want to go out there. I'll do that, shower, then it's writing for the hours after that."

Noon-ish: "There, I'm exercised, I've showered, I'm ready. But I'd better check Facebook and Twitter before I start, so they don't distract me during."

2:00 pm: "Stupid Internet! I was going to get so much done today. Now I've gotta have lunch because I can't write on an empty stomach. Then I'll write."

2:30 pm: "Oh, I forgot to do laundry. Gotta put that in. Then I'll start writing."

Every thirty minutes: "Man, I almost got writing done, but I've gotta put a new load in the washer."

And then about 5:00 pm, I finally write. You see, that's why it'd be better if all I had was that old typewriter.