On Life Without The Internet

I can't imagine what the world must have been like before fire was discovered. I can hardly imagine a world without a personal computer. Some of my earliest memories are playing on the Windows 3.1 computer my parents had presumably bought just so I could play Commander Keen. Well, I am now a caveman who has had fire taken back from him. Or, more accurately, a caveman who is surrounded by fire that he can't use because he's just out of range and doesn't have the Wifi password. I'll admit that my dependence on Internet at home is ridiculous if you admit that I'm justified in wanting something I've had for the majority of my life. I'd feel much the same way if I suddenly lost access to pants. I can live without them, but it just doesn't seem right.

And I know I can go to friends' apartments or the library or Starbucks or that shady hotel down the road and have all the Internet I want. In a lot of parts of this town, there's even free public Wifi. That'd be great if I had one big group of things I could accomplish all at once. That's never how I've used it though.

I want to check my blog throughout the day and clear out any spam comments. I want to check Slickdeals periodically to see if there's anything I shouldn't buy. I want to Google things when they pop into my head, not after I've gotten dressed, driven somewhere, and gone through the steps of registering on a new network.

And IM. Call me old-fashioned, but I like being on AIM and Skype. I can only handle so many times my iPhone autocorrects "lame" to "Kane" in a day before I get tired of texting. I don't have that problem when I'm on my computer. I can type with all five fingers.

That's not to say that I don't love my iPhone though. It's quite the tool, and I mean that in the complimentary and insulting way at the same time. It's helpful, but also very dense. It's smart in the stupidest ways.

Blogging is also a worrisome prospect without regular Internet access. I can do it all from my phone, but have you ever tried to write 500 words on your phone? If your name is Leah, sure you've sent some texts rivaling that length, but for the most part, you probably like to keep things short on your phone. Just because my phone's fancy doesn't make me any different. I don't mind fixing errors on my phone, but typing a whole post seems wearying. You probably don't want to read something I didn't enjoy writing.

I'll make it without the Internet, I'm sure. My uneasiness about its absence has already lessened to a pretty great degree, thanks in no small part to my brother's copy of the first season of Modern Family. I just don't think the Internet is a habit I want to break.

What about you? Is there anything you couldn't imagine living without? What's your "fire"?