On Getting Better

It'd be really awesome if the best part of being sick was getting better. Unfortunately, it just isn't. The best part of being sick is no longer being sick. Getting betters sucks almost as much as being sick because you have so many things you want to do, but you can't for fear of collapsing or convulsing or something. For example, right now, I think I'm sort of hungry. I could probably eat something. At the same time, I'm afraid if I eat anything, I'll die a horrible and painful death. Some people might say I'm being too dramatic. I say "you throw up 13 times in 3 hours and see how you feel about food for a while after that."

Food just doesn't have the same positive feelings when you've seen it in reverse as well.

I'm sorry to be gross about all of this. I'd write about something different if I really had anything different on my mind. The only real thing I've had thoughts about lately is this sickness and my last will and testament, and I was even too sickly to take care of that last part, so I think all of my stuff is going to whoever gets into my house and takes all of it first.

But that's not an invitation to come in just yet. I am, after all, getting better.

I'll spend another day on the couch, probably. Netflix sounds good again. Maybe I'll try some "real" food today. See how that treats me. If I'm going back to work, I need to be able to maintain sustenance.

See what I mean? Getting better is the best part of being sick. There's way too much to think about.