Okay, So I'm Bad

I'm nearly the worst at updating my blog lately. I'm aware and I feel pretty bad about it. I don't mean to miss, I don't plan to miss, but sometimes I just forget to update and so it goes.

Can we all agree that the last post was nearly my best ever though? I don't mean to flatter myself, but I just know it was one of the best things I've written in a while. I could feel it.

I wish all writing was like that. I wish it all flowed the way that post did. That would make writing easy and not a daily struggle.

A comics writer I follow on Twitter posted earlier this week "If it's not fun to write, it may not be fun to read." Whew. That hits me in the chest.

How many blog posts, then, were not fun to read? How often have my scripts been not fun to read?

Maybe the salvation, of sorts, is rewriting. I know with our upcoming DAM Good Comic, I struggled hard through the first drafts. And I wrote a lot of them. When I handed it off to Daniel for the art, I still wasn't satisfied.

He gave me the pages back, though, and I finally found the words I wanted. That last draft was the joy I had been looking for.

Well, with anything, what's important is soldiering on. And I soldier on. But for now, go re-read Saturday's post. It's better.