Nothing Worth Having Comes Easily

I'm writing something new lately and I find I don't know how to do it. After I did a lot of the outlining, I thought I'd try my hand at some of the actual words on the page. I've now rewritten those few paragraphs probably ten times now. The words feel foreign. That's okay though, because it's new. New can be hard. New can be uncomfortable. New can even be painful.

None of that makes it bad.

There's something I tell people who talk about electronics as if the lowest price is the best product - "You get what you pay for."

It's true of life too. The best things in life are going to come with a cost. Sometimes, that's as simple as money. Pray that's all it is, because money is the least valuable of your resources. Other things will cost your time. Some will cost emotional pain or mental stress or physical exertion.

These things, if they're things you want, will be worth the cost. You have to be the one who decides that. No one else can do it for you. If something has value, you invest.

Take a look at your non-monetary investment portfolio. What are you putting your resources into? To what or who are you saying "you have value"?

For me, it's this writing project. I know that I, and it, can be better because of the growing I'll have to do to achieve the standard I set for myself.

I know that if it comes, it will be at a cost. And I know that cost will have been worth it.