Not Just New

It is too easy of a reduction to simply label this the new year, to think about it for a moment and then dismiss it until the next one rolls around. It's a little hokey to set a resolution, I suppose, but I still do it every year. 

I've had some crazy ones in the past. I wrote five feature length films in a year. I wrote 52 short films in a year. I "taught myself" how to write comics by writing a few of them. It's nice every now and then to think about how far you've come, even if you can still see the starting line if you squint a little.

It's important now, though, as the year is new, to look forward at what we can run towards. Again, it's trite, but there's a reason people set resolutions now. It's an easy place to set a marker, to say I started this on this day. 

What can you start?

For a good portion of 2016, I tried to write a novel. I even got 12,000 words into one before I ultimately bailed out of it. It's a discouraging feeling to do that much work on something and then shelve it. Since then, I've been adrift, flitting from project to project, never getting more than 1,000 words into anything.

My New Years resolution, for better or worse, is to stick to an idea and see it through until the end. It could be the worst novel ever written, but I'm going to finish it. I need to believe that I can still accomplish these outlandish goals.

I need a finish line I can run towards.