Never Enough Time

If there should be a theme for getting older, it should be that whatever it is you're wanting to do, there just isn't enough time. I'm going to be a little controversial here and say that maybe that's a good thing.

What I mean is that it doesn't seem like there should be time for absolutely everything. It'd be great if there was more time available with which you can do the most important things, but in terms of having time for everything, it's probably best that we don't.

Because then we learn what's most important.

What keeps you up at night? What gets you up in the morning? Those are the really important things.

Everything else, well, maybe you can live without.

Or if you can't, maybe you have to do away with something to make room for it.

The point is that this "not enough time" thing means you have to decide what's most important. I think it would be fair to say that there are literally billions of things that you could be doing. A lot of them could be important things to do.

But in the most general sense, you can only do one at a time. And so that one becomes, for at least a moment, the most important thing.

It may be worth thinking for a while on that. Pondering if what you're doing is the most important thing you could be doing.

And if it isn't, what else should you be doing?