With November brand new upon us, I'm going to take this moment to suggest something that started this blog off in the first place. If you go all the way back in the archives, you'll notice that this time last year was about the time that this blog really started. Sure, I may have had a few posts before then, but nothing worth noting. Last year, I did National Novel Writers' Month.

In 23 days (I'm guessing since I don't feel like looking it up) I wrote 50,000 words of a novel PLUS a blog post every day. It was also when I decided that I'd write every day of the year in 2011. A goal I'm still living up to, in case you're wondering.

Basically, I consider last November to be the time I really started being a writer.

It's had its ups and it's had its downs, but one year ago now, I actually started forming sentences on a regular basis. I wrote before then, but never consistently. To look back at what I've accomplished in a year, and to think that it all started with a challenge not at all related to my normal writing style is just incredible.

That's why today's challenge is simple. Go out of your element. Try something new. Experiment. Take chances. Get messy. Make mistakes. (Yes, I still remember Miss Frizzle.)

And after you're done with all that, see how you can bring it back to where you started. See what you learned in your time away and apply it where you think your passion is. Or apply it where you want your passion to be. Just apply it. Just, for the love of God, do something.

I know I'm not getting any younger.