My Stories

I think an awful lot about what type of stories I want to write. I want it to be something that, if asked, I have an answer for. I don't exactly know why I'd expect anyone to ask me that kind of story, but I want to be prepared if it happens. It seems like an important question to have answered. Because, in a way, it seems like the answer isn't just about what you're writing. It's about what you're living too.

Take, for example, me a few years ago. If you had asked me that question, my answer would have been that I want to write stories about characters coming alive. This is why movies like Garden State and Dan In Real Life resonated so strongly with me. It's because they're stories about men who overcome death, even though the death is not their own. They must live in the face of death and I loved watching them find the ways to do this.

(It's almost always about a girl, by the way.)

These stories were my story because it was the story I was living. I have experienced loss in a way that betrays my few years on earth. I've spent much of my life attempting to move past it.

I don't know if I'll ever be past it though. It's a part of my reality. These stories still stick with me, but I've found another type that speaks to me just as much.

The stories I like now are about people overcoming insurmountable obstacles. It's why I'm reading so many comics and watching so many superhero shows and movies. It's the story I want to be living – the one of a person who can face impossibility and survive. Not only survive though, but win. Against all odds.

I don't know if all of this means that much to you, but coming to realize this, I now know what kind of stories to put into writing. And into my life.