My Grown-Up Christmas List

With Black Friday looming right ahead and doing everything it can to outsell every other business long before we even get to the fabled after-holiday holiday, I find myself at a weird crossroads in my life. I can think of things I want, and I can see they're at good prices, but I don't want to really ask for any of them for Christmas. You see, the problem is that I have a job now. I can afford things. If something goes on sale that interests me, I don't want to tell someone to buy it for me then wait to open it knowing exactly what it is. That doesn't feel fun anymore. And it's not that I don't want to wait. I don't even have anything I want urgently enough to skip the waiting. It's that if I'm going to get a present, I want it to be a surprise.

I want Christmas to be like it was when I was younger. When I had no idea what I was getting. When I had to search the house and shake down boxes in hopes of even a glimmer of knowledge of what might be waiting under that tree. Now I have a wish list with a few items that people can choose from.

And all at the same time, I don't want to be young again. I want grown-up gifts. I want to be the guy who has a full-time job so his parents and his girlfriend and her parents don't have to use the phrase "between jobs" or "hasn't found the right one yet" about me anymore. I don't want to use those words about me anymore.

I can't have both and I think I know where I've landed. I'm a grown-up with a great job who has the entire world available at his fingertips, and I couldn't tell you what I wanted to find under the tree.

All that to say, Santa, if you're reading this, please surprise me this year. I'm doing my part; I'm jolly already. I need you to step it up and really do some work this year. Remind me why opening presents when I was younger was so cool. Help me be a little young this holiday, even if I am only getting older.