My Comic Book Summer

*Edit: What was going on with that opening sentence? It made absolutely no sense.* I'm seeing a summer looming ahead that's filled with work and no money for air conditioning and frozen chicken nuggets. Not a bad summer really, but I need something to shake the monotony of it all. Something heroic and adventurous and outgoing. Something that'll let me see places I've never been before and do things I've never done before.

Yes, that's right. This summer, I'm going to try diving into the world of comic books.

(I'm a master at the build-up and letdown.)

There's no doubt that this decision coincides with my watching, and loving, Joss Whedon's The Avengers. The man can do no wrong, if you ask me.

But that's not my only motivation, you see. I have other, more nefarious thoughts in my mind.

1. I write a lot of short films. I actually have a goal for this year and I plan to meet it, but short stories aren't always easy to come by. I hope to learn something from how these people can write and draw and color new stories issue after issue.

2. In my longer projects, I have a lot of trouble with sequences. I can conceptualize whole stories, but I need to figure out how those stories can be taken apart and told in smaller stories. If I can build a puzzle from pieces that are all formed of other puzzle pieces, I can begin to be more elaborate with my plotting.

3. Comics are heavy on action and dialogue. So are an awful lot of films. There's got to be something to take away there.

4. Told you I was good at the build-up and letdown. I mean, nefarious? Hardly.

So that's my plan for this summer. There's really no telling where it'll take me. Right now I'm playing it safe and sticking with the classics and the most accessible. That includes stories set in universes I already know, like the Serenity comics, and ones strongly (strongly) recommended, like The Long Halloween, but it also leaves me room to try on some other things.

For example, I'm trying out a lot of DC's "The New 52" arcs since there's no past continuity to worry about. It lets me start fresh and not feel like I'm missing something. Particularly, I'm trying out Justice League, Batman, and Superman Action Comics. Not too daring, really, but like I said, I'm fresh off the boat here.

Maybe I'll post some reviews or thoughts here at some point, but I really just wanted you all to know because I want your help. Surely someone who reads this has some guidance they can give me. The opportunities for me to explore are almost literally endless.

So... help?