More About Your Purpose

The last time we were here, we talked about finding a story to live. I still think this is a good idea, but I said something that, now when looking back, seems a little foolish. I said that it doesn't really matter what story you live as long as you're living some type of story. No. That's just not true.

Because like any character who wants something and is chasing after it, we're going to hit a point in our stories where things get really hard. And I mean really hard. A story is about overcoming obstacles to get what we want, and if what we want is just more money or to hold hands with a lot of pretty girls, when it gets hard, we're going to start wondering why we're living the story we are.

Realistically, in the story of holding lots of girls hands, the point where the story gets hard is said girls saying "No, please stop trying to hold my hand" and in the grand scheme of things that's not that big of a deal, but if that's the story you're living and you can't get a yes, you're going to start wondering why you're living that story and I don't think you'll have much of an answer.

I've lived for so many selfish reasons in my life. They feel great for a day or two or ten, but they break apart pretty quickly. Let's go above and beyond my goals last Saturday and find dreams actually worth pursuing. They're out there. They're going to be really hard, they're going to try to kill us, but when we live them, we'll be the kind of characters worth watching.