Money Back Guarantee

Here's how I picture the conversation going: [scrippet] INT. STORE - CUSTOMER SERVICE DESK - DAY

MICHAEL walks up and drops an envelope on the counter.

MICHAEL Yeah, I'd like to return this.

The CASHIER eyes him carefully, then checks inside the envelope.

CASHIER What's wrong with it?

MICHAEL What's wrong with it? It doesn't work.

CASHIER You tried to use it?

MICHAEL Every way possible. It doesn't do a thing.

CASHIER Well, maybe you're just not using it right.

MICHAEL Are you saying I'm stupid?

CASHIER If you can't get it to work, maybe so.

Michael pulls him over the counter.

MICHAEL Look here, buddy. Just give me my money back and we won't have any problems.

The Cashier sighs and opens the cash register, pulling out a wad of money as he slaps a DEFECTIVE label on the COLLEGE DEGREE that was inside the envelope. [/scrippet]

I'd probably be a little less threatening, but I'm getting to that point. I don't know why I have a college degree right now. Maybe it'll help me some day in the future, but at this point, it's just another something I have to pay for every month. I don't think I need it to be serving people burgers.

It's really hard to maintain a positive attitude when working a job you don't like for not enough money at all the hours you'd rather be spending with your friends. Maybe it's just a masculine thing, but knowing you're not earning enough money to make it out on top is particularly humiliating.

What's our generation supposed to do though? The only jobs available, unless you're in a highly specialized field, are minimum wage. And we're supposed to be saving for things like our future, families, retirement? Forget about it. Just get enough to pay the bills. Then do the same the next month.

I don't have a solution to this one. If I did, I probably wouldn't be writing this post in the first place.

I just know that I'm capable of so much, and apparently qualified for so little.