I don't think we always know the most important moments as they're happening to us. I think it takes five or twenty or even a lifetime of years to look back and say "wow, that really defined me."

I had a moment, this morning, that felt important right away, just as it was happening.

I have a dog, a big dog at that. She's loud and she looks like she could hurt you if she wanted, but on the other side of that, she's also terrified of storms. And I mean terrified. I'm talking jump on top of your head just to get away from whatever it is that's making those noises and flashes.

Which doesn't work, of course. And she's big, so it's even funnier.

This morning, though, we had quite the thunder and lightning show. Even the rain coming down sounded angry. I went upstairs to take a shower and she was all over me. She had been sleeping, or at least trying to, by my wife at the foot of the bed, but she was anxious.

I called her up on the bed laid down, sandwiching her between me and Mikayla. She was still whimpering, but we both held her tight. Eventually, she calmed down enough for me to feel like it would be okay to get up to shower.

I don't know why the moment felt significant then or why it still does now. Maybe, in this case, that's what I'll get to see in five or twenty or a lifetime of years from now.