Making Bad Decisions

I've come to learn over the last few months that large meals before bed affect how well I sleep. I've also been relatively powerless to stop them.

I kid, of course, because it's completely within my power, but it's a decision I seem to make incorrectly over and over again. It happened again last night. There was pizza in front of me and I ate more than I should and I woke up before my alarm this morning with the sensation that I couldn't fall back asleep for whatever reason.

That's the thing about what food does to my sleep. It never wakes me all the way up. It just gives me enough consciousness to know I'm not sleeping very well.

It's incredibly frustrating.

A lot of bad decisions we make over and over again are like that. They don't necessarily affect our conscious mind, but nag at our subconscious. We have this feeling that something is left undone or something is done wrong, but we never know quite what it is.

That's how they get us. A general sense of dissatisfaction. A pestering feeling of unrest.

These bad things know that if they attacked us head-on, with full force, we could identity them and change. So they don't do that. They hide in the back of our mind where they can live for years unchecked.

For a long time, I told people I was a writer and I didn't write a word. I wanted to be a writer, but I thought I'd get there somehow without writing. I got enough satisfaction from telling people I was a writer to satiate any kind of ego involved, and so I continued not writing.

It ended up being torturous.

It's a New Year. It's so perfect a time to start new habits that it's become cliché.

What can you do this year to stop those subconscious bad feelings?