Long Short Form

It's an interesting thing, writing a series of short pieces that are meant to go together as one cohesive whole. I suppose if I was smarter at this whole blog thing, I'd have years of practice by now because usually blogs are small pieces that add up to one big piece, but the only real unifying factor of mine is that they're about me and by me. So now that I'm writing a story that is going to be tens or hundreds (dream big, eh?) of pieces of a bigger part, I find myself wondering what the way to do it is.

I know there's not one way to do it, but that doesn't mean I don't long for there to be.

If there was a step-by-step process, I could follow it. Paint by numbers.

I guess that wouldn't be art.

Art seems to happen when the part you know of yourself and what you can do repeatedly brushes against the part that doesn't have a single clue. It's in the trying to know the unknowable that we come closest to making something of meaning.

We, too, are a million billion tiny moments combined together in one cohesive whole.