Liking Things Is Cool

I once told a group of almost snobby people that I enjoyed watching the much reviled sitcom Whitney. Are you on the edge of your seat yet?

I don't tell you this story to make you question my sanity or tell your friends that I'm the most courageous person alive, telling a group of hipsters that I like something very not hip (and let's be honest, the word "hip" at this point, is very not hip), but because it raises a question that's been on my mind a lot lately.

When did hating things become cool?

I was a teenager once. I remember hating everything in the whole entire world just because everything in that whole entire world seemed to hate me. It was exhausting. I was tired all the time. Constantly scowling really takes it out of a person. If anything, we should all like everything just because I think we'll have more energy to do things like make funny cat videos or a capella covers of hip-hop songs. You know, things that the world really needs.

Here's the thing though. The whole entire world did not hate me. I made the conscious decision to invest my energy into hating things instead of finding things to love. I had parents and friends who loved me, but I found the bad because it was there. And I always found it, because it was always going to be there.

Of course, by some mathematical theory that I'm probably making up, so must the good have been there. And it still is.

So now, what I'm trying to take my time to do, anytime I want to talk about something I don't like, is remember that I'm the one who doesn't like it. Maybe someone else does. That's okay. They're allowed to like it just as much as I'm allowed not to like it. People have disagreed with me before and lived.

Instead, I like talking about the things I do like. The things that make me laugh. The things that bring me happiness. Or make me feel something. That's harder to do in a world that does its best to numb us. Or that we have to do our best to numb ourselves towards. Whichever one suits your point of view.

That's all my long-winded way of answering the question I posited above.

It isn't. Enjoying what you enjoy, no matter who thinks otherwise, is what's really cool. It's called being an individual. And more importantly, it's called being yourself.

And if you ask me, you're pretty cool.