Like The Plague

I haven't had any inspiration for scripts lately. That's putting it loosely too. I've been staying away from scripts as much as I can and I'm not sure why. I know I can still write them. I just don't much want to. Writing blogs feels right for right now. Must be some kind of state of mind I'm in. A state of mind I need to get out of. And yeah, I just ended two sentences with prepositions. Then I started one with "and." I'm breaking all the rules today.

Maybe it's the rules of scriptwriting that's keeping me away right now. I don't feel like being measured by how well I conformed to some kind of guide. I don't mean one set by anyone else either. I mean the standards I have for myself in that arena.

I don't have as strict of boundaries with blogging. I can write what I want and post it because I've finally hit the point where I realize people will read it if they want to and won't if they don't. I'm finally okay with that one.

But with screenwriting, I know how good I want to be and I'm not there so everything seems awful and it's discouraging. I used to enjoy the challenge of not being good at something. Now I loathe it.

Of course the solution is to practice until I get better. I just would rather stay where it's safe right now. Don't judge me. I already am.