Like John Cusack In Say Anything

On their first date in Say Anything, Diane Court comments that Lloyd Dobler does his own thing at the party they go to, but checks on her to make sure she's okay. That's a little bit like I'm doing with this blog, lately.

I know you all are still here, probably waiting anxiously for updates on my life. I don't doubt you depend on them to make it through the day. I'm sorry for leaving you so high and so dry for so, so long.

Okay, so I know you're not aching for these. That's okay. To be honest, with all the writing I've been doing lately on scripts, I haven't missed them too much either.

But they're still important to me.

Some quick updates for me:

Did family Thanksgiving with my parents and the wife's whole family. It was great, but exhausting. Exhausting in the good way though, even for an introvert.

Writing scripts for a full-length DAM Good Comic. Struggling through each page. Flying by the seat of my pants a bit. I think it's turning out well. Will have more details for you as they arise.

Playing a lot of Destiny lately. Bungie knew just the right ways to make it rewarding and the community for this game is better than I've ever seen on a video game.

Obviously a lot different levels of importance there, but that's kind of where I'm at. The job is still good, Christmas is coming (and the goose is getting fat) so I'm excited, but then there's the whole winter thing.

Anyway, what's up with you? You doing okay?