Life is Made of Hard Things

Daniel and I made the decision a few days ago to shut down the DAM Good Comics website. It's not any indication that we're not going to make comics anymore. It's the opposite, I think. The long and short of it is that it would have been almost $200 to renew our site on its current host and we just aren't pulling that kind of, or any, money in from this project yet.

It's an investment in the future of DAM Good Comics.

With that money, we can order prints to sell. Or reserve at a table at a smaller comic con to promote ourselves. Or even do a really limited print run of something we've made, just to see it on paper.

We'll need to rebuild our web presence. The website had been neglected for a time anyway. I think we both realized that we're not up to writing comic reviews every week, even one of them. It's hard to talk about things you love with a more critical eye than "this is awesome, you should get it."

So you'll notice, very soon, that the website will just disappear. We'll put our stuff back online though. Maybe on here on a subpage, or maybe via a free wordpress site. We haven't worked that out yet.

In the meantime, be looking out for more comics we're making. I think our best stuff is still yet to come.