A Lesson About Gravity

I remember the first time I saw a trailer for the movie Gravity. It was before the midnight premiere of Man of Steel. I doubt I could name any of the other trailers they played before the movie last night, but I remember that one. And I remember for a very specific reason.

It was the first teaser, I think, and it didn't tell much about the movie. It just showed an astronaut floating out into space. Gave us the title of the movie.

I don't remember the exact moments of the trailer.

What I remember is everyone taking a moment to laugh at it.

Flash forward a few months to the actual release of the movie. Picture me, in my seat or just on the edge of it, enjoying one of the most tense, beautiful films in recent or any memory.

The film that got laughed at before a movie about an invulnerable man who can fly.

There's probably a few lessons here about books and their covers and that sort of thing, but I think I have a more important one.

Go see Gravity. On the biggest screen possible. With your cell phone off and duct tape over your friends' mouths, if you have to.

It's the way you should be watching movies anyway, but it's absolutely the way you have to watch this one.

It's that good.