Leaving The Past Behind

If I were to list all of my faults in order from greatest to least, among the very absolute top contenders would be this idea of putting the past in the past. Forgetting what is lost to me and focusing on what's ahead has never been a skill I've learned. So when I see a friend miss the signs and stumble along the same path, it really eats at me. I wanna scream at them "Don't you see what you're doing? Can't you tell how you're hurting yourself?!"

Because I can always tell how not doing this is hurting me.

I don't want my friends to hurt.

We know what the bad ideas are in our lives, I think. The things in our lives that cause us pain, we can see them when they're coming. We can feel them when we hold onto them. We grasp for them as they try to leave.

How we fix this, I don't know. Like I said, I haven't got it. I've always been bad at this whole game.

But I can tell you with some degree of confidence, you know what's bad for you. You know it.

Now figure out how to change it.