Learn to Say "I Don't Know"

You don't want to be the kind of person who can't admit when they don't know something. Trust me.

It's so tempting, when someone says something, to laugh or nod along like you know just what they're talking about. It's easier to get the joke or understand the statement than it is to ask just what the heck's going on.

But easier isn't always better, right? We know that. We know that in a thousand different ways. There's a poem about it. The road less traveled and all that.

For the most part, it can seem like there are no consequences to agreeing or laughing at something you didn't quite hear or understand. There can even be little trouble with getting into an argument when you don't have all the pieces.

But I think stuff like that comes back to you. People will start to notice and recognize when you don't get it. You won't laugh as much, or quite right, and they'll know. You won't know they know, and they won't say anything, but then you start to become the person who goes along with when he doesn't get it. The kind of person who says he's heard of everything you try to bring up, even if he hasn't.

That's not the person you want to be.

I haven't heard of every band or seen all the trailers or get every card in Cards Against Humanity. That's okay.

It's really okay.