I Don't Know What I'm Doing

I've told you before that I'm writing a comic book. To be more specific, I'm aiming to write a comic book series. I'm trying to create a sprawling world like The Walking Dead that can lend itself to stories for many years to come. I think I have the idea. I'm a little unsure on the execution.

For the past three years or so, I've focused on writing movies. When you're writing a movie, you really only have to write two things – what someone is doing and what someone is saying. That might boil it down to the point of it sounding dull, but there it is.

Now, a comic book is a different thing. You can't write a whole series of ongoing action for one panel because the panels in a comic book don't move. You're describing one photograph after another to tell an entire story.

How do you do that without being boring and repetitive?

I guess that's the art of it. I haven't found it quite yet, but I wouldn't expect to with only 60-some pages under my belt.

But that's where I'm left. Where I've got enough momentum in the project to propel me forward and enough that I still don't know holding me back.

I think I mentioned before that art seems to be the butting of what you know against what you don't.