I've Been Afraid of Changing

Well, folks, I have some big news. I will, once again, be making a career change. Remember when I talked about how much I just wanted a desk job? It turns out that's not that the fates have in store for me. Instead, I'll be donning a blue shirt and convincing people to buy my computer of choice, Macs. Yes, I will be employed at the local Apple Store.

I'm a little worried about what people might start murmuring about me. Will they think it's a step back from a desk job? Is quitting the film festival job before it ended good for my career in the long run? Am I making the right choice?

I can't be sure of any of these things. I do know, however, that I've always thought I'd love being an Apple employee and since they're offering me full-time permanent work, I plan to find out the answers to those questions.

But what about leaving the festival? Should I be doing it? No, I don't think I should be. I want to stay with the people I've come to know there and help them out. I don't want to leave them in a place that hurts the festival in any way.

I just know that this new opportunity won't come around again and I have to grab it while I have the chance. Sound a little too dramatic? Let me explain what I mean.

I didn't apply for the position recently, first of all. I used to put in an application daily to the Apple Store, but once I got the job I have now, I stopped. So getting the email that they were considering me was the first sign that something was happening here.

Then there was the offer they made me. I figured if I got an offer, it'd either be part time or for less money than I'm making now. It's full-time and for more, plus benefits.

How can that not be a sign?

Still, I can't help but wonder what my current (soon to be former) fellow employees will think of me. Hopefully they'll keep a positive opinion of me because I'm sure going to do the same for them.