In Defense of a Strip Club

At church today, they showed us this video about a community starting up downtown in the big city nearby. It was a happy video and they talked about everything they've accomplished and are hoping to accomplish and even asked for help from the members of the church. It was a fine video, pretty well produced and all, but there was one part of it that I couldn't get out of my mind. They were talking about all the good they had done for the community and the key point they mentioned was getting the neighborhood strip club shut down. They were proud because that kind of thing doesn't happen very often, but they managed to get it done. They were revolutionaries. They had changed this corner of the world for the better.

And probably ruined a few people's lives in the process.

Now before you get too far ahead of me, I don't think strip clubs are a good idea. I think if people want to get naked with one another, the least they can do is go somewhere no one else has to see it. I also don't like the idea that it's degrading to women.

I just can't get past the idea that it's possible that this job was the only way some of these people managed to pay their bills or buy food. Maybe it's just pop culture engraining the idea in my head that every stripper is a single mom with too many bills to pay and a cocaine addiction she just can't quite kick, but I can't help but think about that stereotypical character who might now be out of a job.

I don't think these guys did something bad. I think their motivations were noble and they really wanted to change the world for the better. I just think they did half the job if these people they kicked out of the building are now unemployed. You can't be motivated to change the whole neighborhood if you hurt the ones who might need help most.

Doing good is not just about getting rid of the bad.