I'm Starting Over

The app I use to track how many days in a row I've written is about to be really disappointed in me.

After a streak of days that reaches somewhere in the 500s (I lost a little bit of track after an issue with the app I was using), I've decided to reset the counter to zero. It's a hard, fairly humbling decision, but I think it's the right one.

There have been recent days where I haven't really written. I've done things that I called writing, like thinking about my scripts or "planning" things, but it wasn't really writing. I still marked those days as days having written anyway. I don't like lying to myself to reach an arbitrary goal. Starting over at the beginning will make me need to build up the streak with actual hard work.

Also, it turns out that getting married makes it hard to get any real writing done. It's funny, I planned to write something about how "no one probably expects me to write on my wedding day, but that's why I do it - because no one expects it" because I thought that'd be impressive to all of you, but then I didn't even do that. I got that feeling of impressing people without doing the work involved. You see the problem here.

The great part is, starting over doesn't invalidate all of the days that I actually did write. My friend Jason pointed that out to me about a similar exercise goal streak I had built. He's good at reminding me of things I should already know.

I still have all of those days written. I still have all of that work done. Now, I have to focus on what I can get done in the future. 

First goal: finish the first draft of a script Daniel and I thought up. It's an ongoing series and a superhero story and I think it's going to be funny and sweet and all kinds of enjoyable.

That's why I have to get it done.