If Every Post Were Honest

This is every blog post I would write, if I really had the ability to be honest: Please like me. I need you to like me. I'm writing this to make you like me. I want you to read these words and comment here that they're good and then we can both agree about how good I can be. Please tell me I am.

That's what this blog is about, isn't it? I don't need to put these words out for any other reason. I could just as easily keep my writing to myself, but that doesn't get me any approval. That doesn't earn me any eyeballs. What good does that do me?

So instead, you should read these words, think I'm deep, and care for me. I need you to care for me. I can't care for me enough, so I need you to do it too.

What can I say about my life that might be interesting enough to share? Can I reveal something private? Would that make you like me more? Does that make me more relatable?

I can try to be clever. I'll try some wordplay to see if that makes my words have any more impact. Maybe even use the rule of three. That's worked out well in the past.

But all it will really be is a plea for your eyes. And your sympathy, maybe. Or at least your attention.

I need you to like me.

But I could never just come out and say that.