I Was Made for All of This

So, I was talking to Daniel a little bit yesterday and I realized that, as of right now, including this one, I have three blog posts that need written. Besides this, where I can really write whatever I want, there's a deep dive into a friend's comic I want to write and my weekly comic pick.

All in all, knowing me, that's a lot of words. None of that even counts the work I'm doing on original scripts, which regretfully get put off sometimes because of the blog posts and other writing.

It's great, in some ways. When I wake up in the morning and I'm trying to shake off the fog, I don't ever have to think "what do I have to work on today?" There's always something to work on. I have no excuse to not write when there's so much to do.

It also has its minuses though. Sometimes I think I'm dedicating a little too much time to writing blog posts and should be putting more time into the work of writing scripts. Scripts are a lot harder than blog posts. I want to get all the really bad ones out of my system as soon as possible so the only ones I have left will be good ones. It's Malcolm Gladwell's 10,000 hours theory. Or Jerry Seinfeld's "Productivity Secret." Or Anne Lamott's Bird by Bird. Or Steven Pressfield's War of Art.

(Quick breather here because I had a lot more examples there than I expected.)

I keep an app that tells me how many days in a row I've written. As I check off today, the number changes to 467. Not a significant number by any stretch. It's just another number. Just another day. Combine it with the other 466 numbers though, and you start to get something.

So I'm talking to Daniel and I tell him I have three blog posts I need to write. I don't remember his wording exactly, but he said something like "This is what you wanted."

He's right. It is.