I Didn't Buy a Zoo, But Moving Is

So, I haven't written really anything about it online yet, but I bought a house. Today, I'm moving in.

The thing I keep telling myself, over and over, is that I'm not old enough for something like this. I'm not grown up enough. 

Maybe I'm not, but I did it anyway. I'm doing something that's going to improve my life, I hope.

(For the record, while there have been many frustrations, the last 12 months or so have kind of been my year: world's best girlfriend, new job, super cute dog, now a house. I say this expecting fully that something horrible has to happen to me because no one should be given this much.)

I know I've been rather brief here lately with everything that's going on. Today's going to have to be another one of those days. I thought I was so well packed until it came time to actually put stuff in the trailer, and then I realized how much stuff is still outside of boxes.

Back to it!