I often wonder if the reason I have a hard time getting some of the things I want out of life is that I was taught I should be "humble", whatever that word happens to mean. For example, has "humility", again I doubt that's what the word actually means, stopped me from getting jobs or promotions or dates or any known number of other things?

And if it has, is this "humility" really something any of us should have?

If I wasn't so "humble", maybe my blog would be about how to get a whole load of things accomplished in the spare time you have outside of work. I've had a few posts about that already, but they made me feel shy and uncomfortable. Like I was bragging.

You know what? Those times, I had something to brag about. I've done, more than once, things that people will never do in their lifetimes.

And instead, I talk about what I'm unable to do. Where I failed.

And I try to sound hopeful about it.

(Even now, as I get to this part in the post, I find myself wanting to bail from it. "People aren't going to like this," I'm currently thinking.)

I don't want to think of myself like that anymore.

I don't know who my playing small is helping.