How I Got Started in Comics Pt. 2

So the last time we met, I left a story off right in the middle or probably before. If you haven't read that, this one might not mean as much. Head over here to get caught up if you need to and then we'll keep going. So there I am, some time after a breakup, using comic collecting as a way to fill my mind and block out all the stuff I don't want to be thinking about. Not the glamorous "I loved comics when I was a kid and always wanted to make them" story you probably hear most often.

Then comes last year, 2013, and my writing goal for the year is to write five first drafts of film scripts. I set goals like this every year to try to improve my writing skills and in the middle of last year's, I began to think about what I'd try this year.

That's when I decided I should try writing my own comic book.

First the idea was to write my own story for an established character. Again, these goals were all about practice, so I didn't think it mattered that I'd never be able to do anything with a story I wrote about a character with all kinds of trademarks and copyrights and all that.

Then I encountered another breakup that changed me again.

Still raw far too long after the breakup that first got me in the door of a comic book store, I entered another relationship anyway, knowing I had to either move on or let it kill me.

Things were spectacular with her until they weren't. I still don't think I know what happened.

I know how it felt though. Perhaps we'll get into that more at another time.

But how it felt, the physical pain that my mind created to accompany the bewilderment and emotional sensitivity, gave me the story I'm currently writing.

I think it's the best thing I've ever written.

Now, in case I haven't shared too much about it, it's an idea on a grand scale. I have 11 issues planned so far, and that's not even scraping the surface of what I want to do with it.

A little bit ambitious for a first project.

So now I'm working with a friend on smaller ideas. Things we might actually be able to make in a reasonable amount of time. Things I hope we can show you.

And it's all because I got dumped twice.