I'm probably going to have a horrible time with this, because you never talk about the perfect game, but I'm actually at the homestretch of a draft of a feature length screenplay. And it feels really, really good. For those of you not versed in screenplays, they're separated into three acts. To simplify it to its basest terms, they could be called "The Set-Up", "The Action", and "The Conclusion." Like I said, this is overly simplified and I'm sure it wouldn't stand up in court, but this is the idea. First, you set up the world. Then you change it. Then you end it. The story, in the case of the last one. Not the world in most cases.

I've set up the world. I've changed it. Now I just have to reach the end. I'm a marathon runner on his last 5 miles.

I haven't been at this place in a feature script in more than a year. The last feature script I finished was Indy Film and that was while I was still working food service. Wow.

That's a horrifying thought. I lost myself for that long.

I'm tired a lot more often. Writing is exhausting, even though anyone who doesn't do it would never know that. I can't lift 200 pounds or run all that far at all unless it's for my life, but I can write 10 pages in a day. I can write 3/4ths of a screenplay in half a month.

Today, I'll celebrate that. My party will involve me, butt in my chair, writing more. It feels good to actually want that.