Hey, I'm Still Alive

It's been a while, hasn't it? By my count it's been over a month since I last decided I had something to say here. The other day my mom asked if I was still writing, so I figured it might be time to catch the rest of you up.

I am, in fact, still writing. Every day for the last 125 days or so, if I'm reading my tracking app properly. It's not as good as the streak I broke a while back, but it's getting back up there.

Writing lately though has been an uphill climb. It's honestly been a challenge to make any progress on the project I'm playing with (which we'll keep a secret for now because why not?) and some days it seems to go only a sentence at a time. It's hard to come on a blog and say writing is going great when something like that is going on.

I also don't want to come around and complain about how hard things are because really, it's a pretty common thing. And really, I've written about it before, probably plenty of times.

So all is still well here. I hope things are good there. Now back to work, all of us. There's plenty to do.