Here's What Happened

Last week, I jumped on the blog for a quick post that said I was going to do better. No more, no less. I just promised, and I specifically used the word promise, that I was going to do better at keeping things up to date here. In all reality, that should mean doing things like updating my scripts library and things like that, but what I meant, at that time at least, was just posting regularly and well. Then yesterday came and I missed it. I have an excuse, even though it doesn't excuse anything.

I have a post in my head. Like most of my ideas, it came to me in the shower. The perfect wording for so much of it, just the right tone, everything. I sat down to write it Tuesday evening and I couldn't get anything out of it. It didn't work the way I wanted it to, even though I still know it's a really good post.

So I didn't post it.

This topic is something that's so important to me. If I'm going to share it with you, it can't be something half-done. It has to be perfect, and that's not something I usually say about blog posts. Usually my posts are more off the cuff than edited down to the last word, but this is one I need to put the care into. This is one I need to really take the time to feel and think through.

And that's why nothing came up here on time (even though that's hard to tell since I can alter the date that this posts).

I did better, but it just wasn't good enough yet. For that, I'm sorry. For what I'm going to have for you, I can only hope this unfortunate lapse in my otherwise perfect schedule can be forgiven.