Hell Freezes Over

If you live just about anywhere in the United States, you just lived through one of the colder sets of days that we've seen in quite some time. I think I heard somewhere that this is the lowest temperature it's been in Indiana since sometime in the 1800s. Though who knows if that's true. I wonder if it's exclusive to our generation that we can't trust "facts" like that. Something to do with the internet, I'm guessing. It's a wonderful tool for research that makes anything seem possibly true and so nothing all that true anymore. The point is that I lived in a city that all but shut down for a few days. The majority of us were confined to our houses with extreme colds and unsafe roads waiting for us if we dared to exit the comforts we have for some unnecessary reason or another.

I usually look to connect meaning to things like these, but I don't know what this one is. Just the importance of staying warm. And, as always, the importance of loving the people close to you.

Because you never know when the weather will take a turn for the worse.