Hating Isn't Cool

I'm so guilty of this, so guilty of this, but there is just nothing particularly interesting about hating things. Nothing even remotely awesome about taking something someone else likes and saying "I don't like that, and that makes it bad."

It's one of the reasons the way Daniel and I set up our comic reviews tends towards the positive. The ones we were most excited about. The ones we liked the most. Hating things, bashing things, disrespecting things is easy, and maybe it would get a lot of page views once in a while, but I just don't find it in good taste.

I'm an Apple user, as many of you know, and a former Apple employee. That puts me in an airspace where I get to listen to people complain, on end, about Apple, about its products, about its philosophies, and they all seem to think telling me about it is somehow warranted, and worse, interesting.

Yes, an iPhone might not be for you. Great. That's fantastic. That's the beauty of the world we live in nowadays. If you don't like something, you're well within power to change it to something you do like. If you're "locked into their ecosystem" or "in a two-year contract", those are things you chose. No one forced them onto you. You're in the bed you made and maybe you don't think it's comfortable or you'd prefer a different pillow or whatever, but you still crawled in yourself.

And when I thought of this, I didn't mean to stay just in the "I don't like Apple products" area, but it just immediately comes to mind because I hear it almost every day. Sure, I'm not a PC user (though I use them almost exclusively for work) and I don't own any Android products (though I've owned them in the past and even got my fiancé on a product in that family), but I like to think I don't disrespect the people who chose to.

The same, of course, goes for anything else. I don't need to hear how you don't like my music or wouldn't watch my tv shows or you can't read comics or play board games or whatever else it is. If you get a group of people together, and you all actively hate something together, it's a weird reason to gather a group of people, but I say go for it. In that group, bash those things as much as you want.

But to tell someone who likes something that you don't like it, you're assigning importance to your opinion that it just doesn't have. You're assuming that having an opinion gives you the right to express it.


Earn it by talking about things you like. Earn it by respecting others' opinions and tastes. 

That's what's cool.