Grown Up (But Not Like The Movie)

When I was told I'd have to choose my insurance coverage with my new full-time job, I did what any good grown up would do. I called my dad and asked him what everything meant, step-by-step, until I had the enrollment filled out. "There," I said. "That will cover it. I won't have to worry about health care for the whole year because I filled this all out just the way I should and I'll be fine." I even got the health care spending account so I wouldn't have to worry about spending anything out of pocket to pay copays and deductibles. $260 should be just enough.

Then the frame of my glasses broke. It didn't just a little break either. It full out snapped in half right where it holds the lens in. I have a really good scotch tape situation going for it. Here, I'll show you.

This is so not hipster.

Elegant, isn't it?

Well, I'm a grown up now, so things like this don't really matter, right? I have my own vision insurance. I'll get my eyes checked, get some new glasses and be better off for it. Nothing to it. Not even a cost other than that measly little copay.

Well, and that fitting fee.

And the cost of getting my lenses coated so they don't scratch or glare or be roughly the thickness of looking through a Coke bottle the long way.

And that other copay. For "materials."

$260 is now $40. Halfway through January and I've used almost my entire savings set aside for health care. Looks like I won't be getting sick anytime soon.

(I pause after I say this, of course, to blow my nose, because I'm actually sick already.)

None of that even takes into consideration the fact that I don't think my prescription is right. My eyes got better since my last appointment two years ago? Yeah, okay. I'll play along. I'll try these new contacts for a week and then go back into your office and tell you that, as I suggested as you gave me the prescription, I don't think it's quite strong enough in my right eye.

So what did I learn from this whole mess? What can I take away?

Sometimes a little scotch tape is a lot more elegant than the alternative, even if it doesn't seem that way at first.