Good Enough

Daniel told me something awesome the other day. It was something I wasn’t expecting to hear, and if I had known it was coming, I might not have liked it. He told me “I want to redo my art."

For a little context if you’re not reading every week, Daniel and I have been working on a short comic this year. It’s four pages long and we’ve accomplished a remarkable lot in the last 2 months. As of last weekend, the art was finalized.

He wants to redo all of it.

I’ve been waiting for someone to make something I’ve written for years. You’ve seen my collection of scripts just waiting to be shot. When I knew that someone had taken my words and made them into something, that was one of the best moments of my life.

But I’m so excited he’s redoing the art.

I keep qualifying this, and this should be the last one, but I really need to mention that, to my eyes, the art was perfect. It didn’t need redone. I like it so much that the first page has been my iPhone wallpaper since the day I first saw it. I didn’t think it needed any more work.

If Daniel says it does, I trust him.

What makes me so excited, though, is that we had something done. We had something good. We could have published what we had and been done with it and moved on to the next project. I think people would have looked at the art and been amazed. I really was. The few people I showed it to were too.

But we won’t be resting on that. What I saw as good was, to its creator, just good enough. And he decided that wasn’t good enough.

What an encouraging trait to have in a creative partner. I think he’s afraid that I don’t like that he’s doing the art over, but I couldn’t be happier. Really. If/when you read this, Daniel, do your art over. Make it the best you can. I’m with you.

For the rest of you, find these kinds of people to surround yourself with. The kind that work hard on something, get it done and well, but decide that they’d rather use the extra time before the due date to make it better.

Find the people who believe good enough isn’t good enough. There aren’t a whole lot like them.