Give Whatever Thanks You Can

I don't think I'm ever as thankful as I need to be. It shouldn't be one day a year that I sit down and think about just what I've been given, but it seems that it can sometimes be that way. I'm grateful less often than necessary, and I don't doubt that it affects my perceptions.

I read an article the other day, and if I was better at the internet or blogging, I'd go find it again and link to it here, but I'm not, so let me recap it for you. The article said that expressing gratitude has been shown to relate directly to how happy we feel. More gratitude = more happiness, on the grand scale.

The times I let myself wallow, I wonder how grateful I feel.

It's an interesting thing, trying to change your emotions. We put so much stock in "this is what I feel and I need to feel it" that those emotions become more important than our well-being.

This year, let's give too much thanks. Let's think of others too much.

Maybe it'll tilt the world in a slightly more positive direction.