Getting Off Schedule

Due to the trickery of the internet, the time stamp on this post won't suggest I did anything wrong, but I missed a blog post this week. Just up and forgot to write one. It's happened before, but I usually one missed it by a few hours. This time, it's by almost a full day. Habits tend to be what keep us going as artists. We're a superstitious lot. Go ahead, ask an artist friend of yours what happens if they don't work at that time of day or in that certain location. A lot of them believe that the work is spoiled for the day and they'll try it again tomorrow. It happens, really.

I just missed this post because I forgot, but it wasn't a day before that I was having trouble writing because I ran a few errands first thing in the morning instead and I couldn't get myself to focus.

So let's talk about the importance of these rituals we have.

They aren't.

There. We've said all that needs to be said about them. They're important because we make them important, and if they help us create, good. It's when they stop us from creating that we should throw them out the window and do the work anyway.