Free Scripts!

This post isn't going to be for most of you. This one's for the production people, the one's I originally made this site to connect with. I got a little too caught up in unique pageviews and clickthroughs and got distracted from my original idea. Well, with this, we're going to try to get back on track. People Who Produce Short Films,

I have something for you. A lot of somethings. This year alone (and I'm talking January 1st through right now), I've written 36 short films. Not counting the ones I've written in the four years before this I've been writing, I'd say I'm nearing 100 short films ready to be produced.

You need to do something about that. I don't want my words to just be forever stuck on the page or your computer screen. There's so much more to them. Take them, and with my permission, of course, make them.

What do I want in return? Only what's due me. Credit, first of all, but that one should be obvious. If you win anything or earn anything from it, I'd like my fair share too, but that's it. I won't demand too much. You'd be doing a favor for me by making it just like I'd be doing a favor for you by writing it. This can be mutually beneficial.

There's some scripts on the website already. Start with those. If you find something you like, email me. It's on the contact page. We'll get you producing it in no time. If you don't, email me anyway. I've written more. A lot more. And I can write something if you request it too.

The only real question from this point on is, well, which script are you going to choose?