Finish Lines

I feel like it was only a few weeks ago that I was talking about how labored it is to cross a finish line. That's probably because it was. But now, here we are again, and I'm finding myself face-to-face with my year-long finish line and I don't know why I've stopped moving. I was excited about this project when I wasn't working on it. I even told some people about it, excitedly, rushed, probably not describing it all that well. Some might say that was the problem. I already got to see people's reactions to this new story. Now, psychologically, I have no need to write it. The ego already got the reward. It's ready to move on.

I, unfortunately, don't have that luxury. Well, I do, but I'm not going to take it. It'd be the wrong kind of selfish to do that. This is a good project. It's worth writing.

Like I said, it's near the end that Resistance, that unstoppable force that stops us from doing our work, tells us loudest that we don't have to finish. That we've put all the hard work in already and the rest is unnecessary. This is when Resistance sounds most like praise. "Good job, Michael. It's okay to rest. You're getting sick. You need the sleep. You've earned a break."

Resistance is ruthless. It will do anything, say anything, give you anything or take away anything just to stop you from doing the work you need to be doing.

We have to be even more ruthless.