Finding New Hobbies

One great part of growing older, it would seem, is discovering new things that I can enjoy. There are a lot of things to do in the world and I think when you're younger, you're made to do certain things at certain times. Parents can arrange "play-dates" or you're made to do whatever the cool kids in school are doing if you want to be a part of their group. That kind of stuff. Homework, in a sense, is something you're made to do at certain points in your life.

I like getting to decide how I want to spend my time.

I wrote about it a while ago, but one of the ways I'm spending my time lately is with this dog of mine. She's a sweetheart and sometimes a handful all at once, but, for the most part, I'm over the hump of being constantly terrified that I own her. It wasn't an easy hurdle to clear, but I've taken her to the dog park a few times and she wasn't aggressive and that was a huge relief.

Of course, there's comics, which I've written about being a passion of mine time and again. That's a new-ish hobby, within the last five years or so. Writing comics is even newer, but I don't think it'd be fair to consider writing a new hobby, so just reading and talking about and going to conventions for comics makes it on the list.

The newest one, though, is board games. Growing up, my parents always wanted me to play games like Sequence and probably some other games. I never got into them. Monopoly was fun, I suppose. I really liked Connect 4, for some reason. These games I'm talking about aren't those games.

It started when Daniel got Munchkin. I don't think I had ever played a card game quite like that before, and we loved it. We even played it on my birthday (and no, they didn't let me win). I got Cards Against Humanity around that time too, and I have yet to win that one, even though I own it.

Within the last few weeks, Daniel and I each picked up a new board game. His was Pandemic, pictured here:

I got Marvel Legendary (so, yes, it combines my love of comics AND board games), pictured here:

(Both photos used with absolutely no permission from Daniel)

Now I'm not trying to sell you on these games. You don't even have to like board games. I just thought that, since last week's post was a little on the heavy side, it'd be nice to write about something bringing me joy lately.